Rabbit Housing

One of the most important aspects to owning a house rabbit is how you will house them! Some people feel comfortable leaving their rabbits free-range, with a litter box and no cage at all. Others would like to give their rabbit their own space, but do not want to resign them to a 4×3, pet-store-special prison cell. For those of you who would like an affordable and spacious option for your house rabbit, please see these great options from our friends on instagram:

  1. This bunny with a playpen-style house complete with hand crafted furniture: @fluffybutt_sootsama (furniture purchased from @thebunnytail)Fluffybutt satsooma
  2. This easy-to-clean cottage built from storage cubes: @itsabunsworlditsabunsworld
  3. This bunny with a room with a view of his own private courtyard: @marbles.the.bunnymarblesthebunny
  4. These bunnies with both a huge cage and run around space with cardboard castle: @doyle.and.daphdoyleanddaph doyleanddaph2
  5. This bunny with a two story cube house complete with a bed: @Sullyboosullyboo
  6. This awesome cage with built in storage for all the necessary rabbit accouterments:  @the_bunners

    The bunners
  7. This fantastic hacked out IKEA unit with a traction ramp and storage area: @HicksthebunnyHicksthebunnyHicksthebunny2
  8. This cutie who has tile floors and not one but TWO box hideouts to renovate: @LegolasofficialLegolasOfficial
  9. These bunnies with a tiled condo on wheels (complete with sisal wrapped ramps for chewing enjoyment):@Binksandbumps






How to House Your House Rabbit

        How to House Your House Rabbit